Solid Hardwood Flooring
Manufactured here in UK

Specialists in Oak
Solid hardwood flooring lasts for hundreds of years and is recyclable
Solid hardwood flooring enhances the saleability and value of your home
Solid hardwood flooring does not attract dust and is therefore more hygienic for asthma sufferers

White Oak Flooring Product
Ash Flooring Machined And Finished
Maple Flooring Prime & Rustic Flooring
Cherry Flooring Type Of Finish
Black Walnut Flooring Fitting
Red Oak Flooring Species
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Other Manufacturers

A high percentage of all pre-finishes are UV (ultra violet) lacquer.

Once scratched, worn or damaged it cannot be properly repaired.

The only answer is to replace or to sand the entire room and seal again.

The other main finishes are oil and wax oil which are high maintenance and require waxing and re-oiling regularly.


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